How to find a genuine Local Locksmith online

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Sometimes if can be extremely difficult to know if the person you are calling is actually a local tradesperson.

Here are some tips to help you understand who you are calling when searching the internet and the format which google presents to you when searching. The example on the right/below are a typical representation of how Google responds to your search requests and is usually broken into two or three categories

  1. Google Ads (As shown in the pink boxed section)- These are paid adverts and do not represent most local business’s. Company’s usually pay a huge sum of money for these adverts and often use local telephone numbers or 0800 numbers to help think they are local. Most often than not, these are larger national companies who despite advertising low prices on their ads, will find other ways of bumping up the price on site (after all, they need to recuperate the cost of advertising somehow). On several occasions I have heard horror stories from customers who have paid £600/700 for works that a local and trained locksmith would have completed for a fraction of the price. Please think twice before calling these advertised locksmiths and if you do, agree to a fixed price BEFORE they arrive. Remember – These paid adverts can also be identified by the little Ad in a green box symbol on the left-hand side of the advert.
  2. Local Listings – Sometimes after the above mentioned Ads, there will be a map listing with 3/4 tradespersons listed below. These are usually local to the area you are searching and are recognised by Google as ‘LOCAL’ due to their business’s being registered in the surrounding area. You should now feel more comfortable that you are searching for genuine local tradespeople and continue to investigate further by looking at their website and customer reviews and feedback to find the right company for you
  3. Organic listings (As shown in the blue boxed section) – The third and final part of your search will lead you onto organic listings. These tend to be businesses which have come up through the ranks organically. This is usually due to several reasons such as, good website content, consistency, length of website presence and trading and good customer feedback though different online platforms. Again you should be able to take comfort knowing you are contacting a reputable business who have made it onto your google search ‘organically’ and not by spending £££ at a cost that will ultimately be paid by the customer.
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