Replacement Multipoint Lock

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We install and replace faulty multipoint locking systems at a time that suits you without having to replace the whole door.

Quite often or not these mechanisms break due to poor door alignment and overworking of the gearbox itself. If you are having to lift the handle with any kind of force, this is usually a sign of the door not being aligned correctly, or a fault starting to occur. Below are some tips on how this can be rectified before the fault worsens.

  1. Adjusting the door hinges can straighten the doors alignment and the way that the multipoint locks enter the door frame
  2. Repositioning of the door keeps themselves can also sometimes be the solution
  3. Removing any blockages from the locks or keeps themselves can also be a solution the prevent overworking the lock

Whilst trying to solve the issue yourself can sometimes work, we always recommend callings a professional locksmith to diagnose the fault correctly. Fixing this early can prevent having to replace the lock.

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